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Your stylish RASLOK HCM-T6 water purifier delivers instant filtered, hot, room, warm and cold water at the touch of a button. Delivery and installation is included. 

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Alkaline Filter Option: Non-Alkaline


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Tankless and Motorless Water Dispenser with UV Sterilization.


One of the Smallest Size Water Dispenser in the market, save your time and space, while rejoicing the quality water with the RASLOK HCM-T6 Hot/Cold Water dispenser. Enjoy unrivalled fresh, pristine and great tasting purified water right at your fingertips to satisfy the all-day hydration needs. Equipped with notable smart features and user-friendly interface, this modern water dispenser is the perfect choice for your home/workplace.


✅ Free Delivery & Installation

✅ Local On-Site Warranty

✅ Tankless and Motorless Water Purifier, Quiet, Energy-saving, and Eco-friendly.

✅ UV LED Self Sterilisation Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses

✅ Compact Sleek and Stylish Design, Save Your Space

✅ 3 Seconds Instantly Dispense Hot, Ambient and Cold Water, Save Your Precious Time

✅ Multiple Selection of Water Temperature – Cold | Ambient | Milk Powder | Tea/Coffee | Hot

✅ Multi Volume Selection - 150ml | 300ml | 500ml

✅ Hot Water Child Safety Lock

✅ Singapore Safety Mark Registered - Certificate No.: 220279-12

✅ NSF and SGS Certified Filters

✅ 5-Stage Water Purification – (Sediment, Active Carbon, UF Membrane, Carbon Block, UV LED)

✅ Energy Saving ECO System by Smart Sensor

✅ Smart Touch Water Dispenser

✅ BPA Free Food Grade Materials

Data sheet

Dispenser Model No.
Filter Type
5-Stage Direct drinking water filter with UV Technology
Filter Rating
0.01 Micron
Heating Power
Cooling Power
18 (W) * 28(D) * 39.8(H)
Hot Temperature
45 - 100°C
Cold Water
≤ 15°C
Room Temperature
25 - 30°C


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