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Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Get answers to common queries about our products, services, and policies. Find information on delivery, installation, maintenance and more. If you have a question, chances are we've got it covered in our FAQs. Browse now to save time and find the information you need."

Product Information

How can I purchase my filter replacement?
  • You may place an order through our website, or through our Shopee/Lazada official stores.
What do the filters do?

RASLOK water purifiers filter water via a 5-stage filtration process. Namely, through Sediment, Active Carbon, UF Membrane, Post-Carbon and UV LED filters. 

  • Sediment removes sand, dust, impurities, rust and other substances; 
  • Active Carbon removes odours, colours, residual chlorine and organic substances, which leads to better water taste;  
  • UF Membrane removes bacteria, rust colloids & impurities;
  • Post-Carbon further removes chlorine, macromolecules and organic substances etc.
  • Finally, bacteria and viruses are removed via UV sterilisation.

Delivery and Installation

How long does shipping and delivery take?
  • After payment is received, our service team will contact you to arrange for delivery within 3-5 working days. 
  • Usually, we are able to deliver and install within a few days.
What is the installation process like?
  • Our professional and well-trained technicians will provide expert advice on the optimal location and method for installation on the spot.
  • We offer complimentary standard installation within a 5-meter tubing distance from the water source to the dispenser.
  • Typically, we will drill a small 8mm hole on your kitchen countertop for the water pipe to pass through, although this step may not be necessary based on your kitchen layout.
  • If external filters are required, they are usually installed under the sink in your kitchen cabinet or elsewhere as per your preference.
  • Additionally, trunking is available at a rate of $10 per meter if desired.
My house is still being renovated — can you deliver later? 
  • Yes. Once payment is made, we will reserve the product for you until your desired installation date.

Maintenance and Warranty

How long is the warranty?
  • Unless specified otherwise, we offer a standard 1-year local warranty that safeguards against manufacturing defects in our water dispensers and air purifiers. Please refer to our Warranty Page for more details.
  • You may contact our customer service team for assistance at +65 8803 9318.
Do I need to do any maintenance and servicing?
  • Typically, RASLOK water dispensers and air purifiers are low-maintenance and require servicing only for regular filter replacement.

Our Showroom

Showroom address:
Atrix Building #06-11
82 Lor 23 Geylang
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(opposite Aljunied MRT)
Showroom opening hours: 
Open daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. 
Public Holiday by appointment only. 
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