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Product Information

How can I purchase my filter replacement?
  • You may place an order through our website, or through our Shopee/Lazada official stores.
How often do I need to change filters?

For HCM-T1 and HCM-T5:

  • It depends on your usage and the quality of your water source. In general, filters can last between 6 and 12 months. 
  • There's a smart sensor inside the water purifier to measure the lifespan of the filter. When it's about time to replace the filter, the dispense button will turn red (HCM-T1), or start blinking (HCM-T5). We would recommend that you replace the filter within 2 to 4 weeks’ time, to ensure the quality of your water.

For HCA-T2, HCA-T3, HCM-T6:

  • Filters can usually last for 1 year based on average household use.
What do the filters do?

RASLOK water purifiers filter water via a 5-stage filtration process. Namely, through Sediment, Active Carbon, UF Membrane, Post-Carbon and UV LED filters. 

  • Sediment removes sand, dust, impurities, rust and other substances; 
  • Active Carbon removes odours, colours, residual chlorine and organic substances, which leads to better water taste;  
  • UF Membrane removes bacteria, rust colloids & impurities;
  • Post-Carbon further removes chlorine, macromolecules and organic substances etc.
  • Finally, bacteria and viruses are removed via UV sterilisation.
What is the Difference between HCM-T6 and HCM-T1?
The HCM-T1 uses compressor cooling, and can achieve a cold water temperature of 3°C. The HCM-T6 uses motorless cooling, and is much smaller and compact. The cold water of HCM-T6 can reach 12-15°C. Both models have UV sterilisation to ensure bacteria-free, purified drinking water.

Delivery and Installation

How long does shipping and delivery take?
  • After payment is received, our service team will contact you to arrange for delivery within 3-5 working days. 
  • Usually, we are able to deliver and install within a few days.
What is the installation process like?
  • Our technicians are professional and well-trained; they will advise you on the optimal location and method for installation. 
  • We provide free standard installation within 5 metres* from the water source to the dispenser. Usually, we will drill a tiny hole (8mm) through your kitchen counter top for the water pipe to pass through. However, this may not be necessary depending on your kitchen layout. 
  • External filters (used for HCM-T6) will usually be installed under the sink in your kitchen cabinet (Or elsewhere if desired). 
  • If desired, trunking is available at $10 per metre. 
*Please note that there will be a surcharge of $10 per additional metre over 5m.
My house is still being renovated — can you deliver later? 
  • Yes. Once payment is made, we will reserve the product for you until your desired installation date.

Maintenance and Warranty

How long is the warranty?
  • We provide a 1-year local warranty to cover any material or manufacturing defects. Please refer to our Warranty page for more details.
  • You may contact our customer service team for assistance at +65 8803 9318.
Do I need to do any maintenance and servicing?
  • RASLOK tankless water dispensers and air purifiers do not require any maintenance or servicing, except for filter replacement.