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Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to RASLOK online store!

RASLOK online store is an eCommerce based service website. Please go through the following terms and conditions of use governing the website, henceforth known as the “Agreement”.

The users of this website are bound by the Agreement. The Agreement is applicable on any user browsing the site, signing up as a member or shopping as a guest. RASLOK reserve the right to change the Agreement anytime; hence, it is advised that you read the Agreement before using the website. It is a request not to violate the terms given in the agreement. If you disagree with the Agreement, you can choose not to use the website.

Website Changes

RASLOK has the sole discretion and/or power to change, modify, suspend or discontinue the eCommerce platform, inclusive of its features, products, content and services offers on the website. We will try to serve a notice first before changing but in certain circumstances, prior intimation cannot be given.

The website also has the right to charge fees for using the website and/or waive any fees associated in connection with the site. It is on the sole discretion of RASLOK to grant user access on the website. In case of modification or discontinuation of RASLOK, the company will not be liable to any third party and any user for any service, features, products or content offered through the website.

Website Transactions

RASLOK has the sole authority to limit and/or cancel orders placed with the company. We can use our sole discretion to define the quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. The applicability of such restriction will be based on multiple accounts owned by the same customer, usability of same credit card on multiple accounts and placing multiple orders through multiple accounts for the same billing and / or shipping address.

If an order/s is cancelled, the administration team of RASLOK will attempt to notify the person through phone, email or contacting the billing address given at the time of order. If RASLOK find that orders were placed by resellers, dealers and / or distributors, the company will exercise its sole judgement to limit or prohibit such orders.

User Accounts

RASLOK has the right to terminate / delete any user accounts if its details are found to be misleading or spamming in nature. It is expected that the user will give the accurate full legal name, valid email id, valid phone number and shipping / billing address at the time of user registration.

Product Stock

RASLOK sells only those products which the company has in stock. If for any reason the user orders a product which is not in stock, the RASLOK representative will contact the user and provide an active status on the item. If the item cannot be procured within time, the cost of the item will be refunded in full.

Website Contents

All the images, designs, icons, texts, photographs, videos and other materials visible on the website is the intellectual property, trademark and / or copyright of RASLOK and its subsidiaries, if any. The published content on the website is intended for non-commercial and personal use only. If anyone downloads the contents, it should be for personal use only. Downloading the copyright content does not mean transfer of rights to the person downloading the content or copying, even though it is strictly prohibited.

The downloaded and / or copied materials should not be published, distributed, transmitted, displayed, modified, sold, create derivative works or exploited in any manner. Unless mentioned on the website, the contents visible on the website are intended for RASLOK products promotion in the country. The website is owned, controlled and managed by RASLOK from its offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Efforts have been made to describe the images and / or merchandise visible on RASLOK in all accuracy as possible. However, it is a fact that the color palette and images may differ with every computer and browser; hence, if there is any doubt in the mind of the user regarding descriptions, hardware and colors, the use can contact RASLOK through sales@raslok.com.

Unless approved by the company, please do not send any creative ideas, proposals, plans, suggestions and other things to the website by using its online “comment” system, email, and postal mail. If such materials are still received, RASLOK retain the right to edit, copy, distribute, translate, and publish the inputs received without contacting the submitter.

Further, it is not the obligation of RASLOK to pay any compensation for any Comments; to maintain Comments confidentiality and / or respond to each and every Comment received on the site. It is imperative to note that the comments submitted on the website should not violate any third party rights, including privacy, trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights.

External Linking Policy

It is possible that the RASLOK website may contain external links that are not controlled by the company. In that case, the company does not take any responsibility for the linked website and neither does external linking mean affiliation towards the linked website. The sole purpose of external links is to provide information to the RASLOK website users.

Typographical Errors

If any product of RASLOK is listed at a wrong / incorrect price and the user buys the product, the company has the right to cancel or refuse the same product, even when the order has been confirmed. If the user credit card has already been charged for the product at an incorrect price. RASLOK will cancel the order; RASLOK will refund the incorrect amount charged on the credit card to the billed credit card in full.


If any of the users accessing the website is found to be impersonating RASLOK employee or an employee of any other company, it will lead to harassment charges. Further, harassment charges will be applied on the user if he/she is found to be using abusive / obscene language in either written or verbal communication through online chats, emails or phone calls.

Indemnification Policy

In case any dispute arises against RASLOK because of violation of policies and agreement of the company, the user who caused the violation will have to take full responsibility for defending and / or indemnifying RASLOK against any damages, claims, expenses, costs, attorney fees and other financials arising from the violation of terms of use.


The materials – written content, audio, videos and others – appearing on the website “as is” does not contain any warranty of any kind either implied or expressed, inclusive of warranties of title, warranties of merchantability and other limitations on warranties. In retrospect, RASLOK has the right to modify materials on the website without prior notice; however, the company disclaims any duty to revise the website content as necessary.

The user agrees to use the website on their sole risk and any costs incurred in using the site is the sole responsibility of the user. Any damages taking place on the part of the user for using RASLOK is not the liability of the company.

Since the company is functioning through its website, which is dependent on online servers, RASLOK cannot guarantee that its services will be error free or 24 x 7 uninterrupted. Sometimes website maintenances needs to be carried out to correct technological problems so that the website is available free of computer viruses and other harmful elements. Hence, RASLOK disclaims any charges arising out of non-availability of the website for any period of time.

Resolution of Disputes

In case of any disputes arising between RASLOK and the user, keeping in mind the high cost of litigation and the amount of time spent in solving disputes, both the user and RASLOK agree to adhere to the following dispute resolution procedure:

a) If any claim, controversy and / or dispute arises which relates with the breach of terms of use, enforcement and validity of agreement, the party who claims dispute should in all good faith try to sort the issue through written notice addressed to the other party detailing in full the facts and circumstances which led to the dispute.

b) If the above course is sought, the notice should be appended with relevant documentation, if any.

c) The receiving party should be given 30 days to receive and respond to the dispute.

d) If RASLOK claims dispute, the notice shall be sent to the last billing address with which the user registered or used on the website; if the user claims dispute, the notice shall be sent to the official address of RASLOK.

It should be noted that this process of dispute resolution is a condition which must be fulfilled or satisfied before either of the parties initiate any litigation against the other party.

Lastly, the legal dispute shall be settled in accordance to the Singapore law. If during the dispute any agreement term is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the term/s shall be severed but the rest of the agreement terms should be in active use for the company and the website users.

Agreement Termination

RASLOK and the user have the right to terminate the user agreement without any prior notification. In that case, the company has the sole right to deny the user any further access to the user account and the website, if the user fails to comply with agreement conditions. However, any liabilities and obligations of both the parties before the agreement termination must survive the termination for all purposes.


Only one special offer / discount / promotion per item. They cannot be combined.

Vouchers or discounts can be used on non-sale items, or if an item is on sale, the voucher will take that sale into account. If an item is on sale for 15% off and the vouchers is for 20% off, the item will sell for 20 % off, not 35 % off, unless otherwise indicated.