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HCM-T1 Filter Replacement Set
HCM-T1 Filter Replacement Set
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HCM-T1 Filter Replacement Set

Filter replacement for the HCM-T1 & HCM-T1A Models
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Important Note: This filter replacement set is for model HCM-T1/T1(A) only.

Please contact us at +65 88039318 if you need assistance on how to change the filters.


Sediment + Carbon Block Composite:

- Reliably remove coarse impurities such as sand, lime, algae, rust particles and turbidity from the water.

- Highly effective in eliminating particulate, microscopic, cysts, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, lead, microplastics, and other contaminants.


UF Membrane + ACF Composite:

- Highly effective in eliminating up to 99.99% bacteria, protozoa, colloids, and other microorganisms while keeping essential minerals intact.

- Further remove residual chlorine, colorants, peculiar smell, and improve the taste of the water.