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About Us

RASLOK is a decade-long business established in Singapore, a brand dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technology into its products, and making impactful changes to everyday life by providing state-of-the-art products and services to its customers and partners.

RASLOK is a brand that represents “premium products at non-premium price”, and provides the best value for money products in the market. We provide best water purifier, water dispenser, and air purifiers in Singapore for home & office. We have well-trained professional inhouse technicians who provide top-notch after-sale services to RASLOK customers.

RASLOK has its principal business in the design, manufacture, trading and distribution of high quality products across Europe, US and Asia Pacific region.

Through distinct products and service offerings, RASLOK is a truly accessible choice to provide customers with open and innovative products that are driven by our passion for excellence.