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Water Dispenser TMP-TL1

Your stylish Korea made RASLOK TMP-TL1 delivers instant filtered, boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button.

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Product features:

✔️ TTANKLESS WATER DISPENSER for better hygiene

✔️ UV to kill bacteria

✔️ Instant hot water

✔️ Direct purified water

✔️ Easy Change (DIY) filter system

✔️ Energy saving automatic sleep mode

✔️ 6 types of temperature:  Cold 4~10, Ambient, 45, 70, 80, 95 °C

✔️ 4 types of volume: 120ml, 240ml, 360ml and continuous

✔️ Safety Child Lock: Protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water

✔️ Convenient MAGNETIC overflow tray

✔️ Removable faucet for easy cleaning and hygiene purpose

✔️ Slim design to save space with 180mm width and 400mm height