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Do you need a water dispenser in Singapore?

Sep 22,2023 | RASLOK

Discover the Benefits of Having a Water Dispenser in Singapore | Find Out if You Need One Today! - In this comprehensive guide, explore the reasons why having a water dispenser in Singapore can be a game-changer for your hydration needs. Learn about the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and health advantages of having a water dispenser. Make an informed decision on whether you should invest in one for your home or office.

People have been boiling water as a way of obtaining clean, drinking water for as far back as 2000 B.C. Even today, the kettle is the most commonly used kitchen appliance in the world, used to boil and store drinking water for many households. But recently, a newer, more advanced technology has been cropping up - water dispensers, or more specifically, water purifers, which encompass both the disinfecting and dispensing aspects. There are many different types of water purifiers, each with their different price points and functionality, but they are usually more costly than a traditional kettle. So, what is it about water purifiers that justifies their cost?

To start off, there is a reason why people boil water - to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms lurking inside. But as our understanding on the purification of water deepened, we have realised that bacteria disinfection is not the only thing we have to look out for when evaluating the safety levels of a cup of water. Heavy metals, salts, rust, and chemicals are a few examples of contaminants that are not removed by the boiling of water. As such, countries began developing filtration systems for their nation's water supply, and we are proud to say that Singapore's PUB tap water ranks among the best in the world in terms of quality. This leads many Singaporeans to question the need for a water purifier - isn't it safe enough to just boil the tap water? Well, not quite. Even if the water that comes out of the PUB water filtration plant is safe to drink, we can't say the same for the water that comes out of our taps, not after the miles of pipes it travelled to reach there, and especially not after knowing the possibility that some of these pipes have not been cleaned for years. PUB has also added chlorine into their water, which according to a survey by QANVAST, a taste of which "21% of survey respondents aren't too fond of". Most water purifiers removes this Chlorine taste, as well as any other sediments and rust that may come from your pipes. (May differ accross different models) Thus, it is true that water purifiers betters your water quality compared to just boiling tap water.

An arguably bigger reason why people buy water purifiers is for the convenience it provides. Rather than having to manually place water in a kettle, wait for the water to boil, then wait some more for the water to cool down to a suitable temperature, water purifiers provide drinking water at multiple temperature selections, some ranging as far as 3-95°C, instantly. Rather than having to refill the kettle multiple times throughout a day, it would be better to have a continuous supply of water from a tankless water purifier, directly linked to a water source. Another notable point for water purifiers is that they save much more electricity compared to the energy consumed by boiling a whole kettle of water. 

In conclusion, is a water purifier necessary? It is not a must have, but it is definitely something that comes with its benefits, and the decision is ultimately yours.